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My name is Tamara and I am a children’s illustrator on a mission to create playful characters that children will love. I began drawing during high school years, where I used excessive amount of black ink to put down on paper the mysterious things that lurked my adolescent mind. I soon realised drawing created a comfortable place to express myself, and the world of children's illustration, its whimsical, fun and captivating nature is where I found myself to feel at home.

I started my creative career working on digital content, creating designs for children’s apps and games, but later switched to traditional media. I love working on projects that include animals: everything from woodland creatures, furry domesticated friends to creepy crawlies. I also have a soft spot for illustrating all things Space and Halloween related. Educational content has always been a great interest of mine, early learning or schoolbooks, I love creating content that will engage a child’s mind.

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